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Devices of Dubious Utility
from the Museum of Post-Truth Artifacts


Device for Filtering Out Alternative Facts

“Devices of Dubious Utility from the Museum of Post-Truth Artifacts” is a series of twenty works begun in 2016 and completed in 2017. The assemblages are of ordinary yet odd items, plus bamboo, wood, wire, hemp, paint & glue. Scroll down to see all pieces and to read about the series.

*in private collections





The inspiration for this series of “Devices of Dubious Utility from the Museum of Post-Truth Artifacts” was a chorus of inner muses — Dr. Seuss, Lewis Carroll, & George Orwell — urging me to ‘think six dozen Alternative Facts each day before breakfast’ — as an essential tonic before the daily flood of confabulations from the dysfunctional leaders of our body politic.

The “Devices” are presented on bases that appear aged with multiple layers of paint. ‘Distressed’ academic labels suggest fusty museum relics from a parallel universe — perhaps our own future. On back of each is a similar artist-signed certificate with the piece’s title, ID number, ‘instructions’ for use, & the impressed MOPTA logo of the fictitious ‘Museum of Post-Truth Artifacts’.

The pieces reflect divisive politically driven memes & strategies that distract attention from tenuously-sustained, crucially endangered matters of nourishing food, clean air, water, health, peace, & respectful social discourse.

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