Open Studios October 2011

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Once again I’ll be participating in San Francisco’s Fall Open Studios. Featured will be new intaglio collages. Several of these continue in prior figurative veins; others are purely abstract and perhaps meditative.

I also plan to offer previews of some exciting works due later this Fall, including a small-scale version of the popular figures “San Francisco Chess” plus publication of a book collaboratively produced with poet George Paris.

Travel – Delhi to SFO

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Train rides in India are adventures unto themselves, and the night train to Delhi from Patankot, near Dharamshala, was no exception. Exhausted we arrived at our hotel too early in the morning to check into a room. The host graciously lets us wash up in a luxurious bathroom off a pleasant roof-top garden patio, where we relax until breakfast.

We tour the crowded city streets a bit for some final sight-seeing and shopping, the take a relaxing stroll in Lodhi Park before our flight home.

Travel – Dharamshala

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Dharamshala’s winding steep and narrow streets seem impassible by car, but our driver was skilled. Later we strolled streets of the bazaar in the darkening evening with snow-white Himalayan peaks glowing overhead.

Travel – Haridwar & Rishikesh

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Arrived at the train station of Haridwar, one of India’s holiest cities, near the end of Kumbh Mela, when holy men from all over come to be purified by bathing in the most sacred Ganga (Ganges) River. By coincidence it was also Holi, the uproarious ‘festival of colors’ in which people throw colored dyes at each other. We drive up river through Rishikesh to our lodging at The Glass House on the Ganges. I went to the river to meditate, then tossed into the robust current a commemorative pebble for deceased friend and colleague John Kanaley. Then in a quiet eddy where wavelets lapped musically, I scattered some ashes of my Father, and meditated some more.

Travel – A Day in Delhi

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Far too brief a stay in Delhi! A visit to Mohatma Gandi’s cremation site was emotional; he was a transformative being. The Museum of Modern Art was chock full of interesting works and the National Museum’s collection of stone carvings and bronzes is impressive. We ended with a stroll in Lodhi Park, charmed by the ancient bridge and buildings, and by the birds singing in the trees and bamboos.

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