Artist Statement


Until 2012, my art training and practice was mostly informal, self-directed, and occurring in between demanding hours of other technical work.

I have enjoyed wide-ranging explorations in art: drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpting, training in Japanese shodo brushwork under master calligrapher Sensei Shioh Kato; refining etching techniques in Crown Point Press workshops; improving sculpting techniques through contacts with Berkeley Artworks Foundry and Pacific Rim Sculptors; and learning new media techniques through TechShop, and more.

That variety seems to “rinse and refresh” my brain, preparing me to create with whatever medium is at hand. On the other hand, the same breadth makes it difficult to neatly summarize or classify my art.

My art practice goals, however, remain in constant focus: I aim to create evocative art that is emotionally rich, intellectually honest, and thought-provoking; art that values meticulously deliberate actions as much as seemingly effortless random chance configurations; art that achieves balance or makes visceral sense in elegant, spare, and unusual ways.


Photo by Roger Arvid Anderson

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